General Services Administration



1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-708-5082. Internet,

Administrator of General Services Lurita A. Doan

Deputy Administrator David L. Bibb

Chief of Staff Alan R. Swendiman, Acting

Chairman, GSA Board of Contract Stephen M. Daniels


Inspector General Brian D. Miller

General Counsel Alan R. Swendiman

Associate Administrator for Civil Madeline C. Caliendo


Associate Administrator for Citizen Mary J. Pizzella

Services and Communications

Associate Administrator for Tom Dryer, Acting

Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

Associate Administrator for Small Felipe Mendoza

Business Utilization

Associate Administrator for Emily W. Murphy, Performance Improvement Acting

Chief Financial Officer Kathleen M. Turco

Chief Information Officer Michael W. Carleton

Chief People Officer Gail T. Lovelace

Chief Acquisition Officer Emily W. Murphy


2200 Crystal Drive, Room 1100, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone, 703-605-5400. Fax, 703-605-9955.

Commissioner G. Martin Wagner, Acting

Deputy Commissioner (vacancy)

Chief Information Officer Casey Coleman, Acting

Assistant Commissioner for Customer Mary A. Davie, Acting

Accounts and Research

Assistant Commissioner for Jeffrey A. Koses, Acquisition Management Acting

Assistant Commissioner for James A. Williams, Integrated Technology Acting


Assistant Commissioner for General Joseph H. Jeu

Supplies and Services

Assistant Commissioner for Travel, Barnaby L. Brasseux

Motor Vehicle and Card Services

Assistant Commissioner for Brenda K. Maxson, Administration Acting

Controller Jon A. Jordan


1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-501-1100

Commissioner David L. Winstead

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Costa

Chief of Staff Cathleen C. Kronopolus, Acting

Assistant Commissioner for Kay L. McNew

Organizational Resources

Assistant Commissioner for Real William H. Matthews

Property Asset Management

Assistant Commissioner for Applied Glen S. Hunter


Assistant Commissioner for Customer Christopher Reutershan

Service Management

Chief Architect Leslie L. Shepherd, Acting

Chief Financial Officer William E. Brady


1800 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20405

Phone, 202-501-8880

Associate Administrator for Governmentwide John G. Sindelar, Policy Acting

Deputy Associate Administrator Stanley F. Kaczmarczyk, Acting

Director, GSA Administrative James L. Dean


Deputy Associate Administrator Mary J. Mitchell

for Technology Strategy

Director, Regulatory Information John C. Thomas

Service Center

Deputy Associate Administrator Stanley F. Kaczmarczyk

for Real Property Management

Deputy Associate Administrator Rebecca R. Rhodes

for Travel, Transportation and Asset Management


The General Services Administration establishes policy for and provides economical and efficient management of Government property and records, including construction and operation of buildings; procurement and distribution of supplies; utilization and disposal of real and personal property; transportation, traffic, and communications management; and management of the governmentwide automatic data processing resources program.

The General Services Administration (GSA) was established by section 101 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C. 751).

Contract Appeals The General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals is responsible for resolving disputes arising out of contracts with the General Services Administration and other Government agencies. The Board is also empowered to hear and decide requests for review of transportation audit rate determinations; claims by Federal civilian employees regarding travel and relocation expenses; and claims for the proceeds of the sale of property of certain Federal civilian employees. In addition, the Board provides alternative dispute resolution services to executive agencies in both contract disputes which are the subject of a contracting officer's decision and other contract-related disputes. Although the Board is located within the agency, it functions as an independent tribunal.

For further information, contact the Board of Contract Appeals, General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-0585.

Governmentwide Policy The Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) collaborates with the Federal community to develop policies and guidelines for the management of Government property, technology, and administrative services. OGP's policymaking authority and policy support activities encompass the areas covering electronic government and information technology, real property and the workplace, travel, transportation, personal property, aircraft, Federal motor vehicle fleet...

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