Gear and Gadgets spark sales for the holidays and beyond! (Arms and the Woman).

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa

The biggest selling season of the year is at its peak and most dealers are counting on strong holiday sales to get them through the winter months. It's great to see firearms really moving off the shelves this time of year, but the profit margin is usually much higher on after-market accessories. Below are some great accessories that should boost your holiday sales and keep the register ringing well into 2002.

Safety has always been a must-sell for dealers. It's more important now than ever as a lot of new gun owners, many of them women, are purchasing guns.

Hoppe's is best known for its gun cleaning oils and tools, but there is a lot more happening at Hoppe's these days. For example, Hoppe's is now offering its Electronic Sound Muffler ear muffs, which feature innovative technology that blocks out gunfire yet admits voices. This allows shooters to communicate freely and to hear range commands without removing their muffs, thus creating a safer range environment. Even with steady shooting, normal sounds are still heard without interruption, providing the shooter with maximum safety on the firing line.

The secret to the superior muffling/sound is a built-in electronic circuit board that processes only 400Hz to 4,000 Hz (normal speech frequency) while gunfire is blocked out by a separate impact filter. The muffs have a 25db noise reduction rating and run on a 9-volt battery. Their sturdy ABS construction means these muffs will last your customers through years of trips to the range.

Gun security is also now part of the Hoppe's line. Their Anti-Theft GunClamp and Trigger Lock is a simple, safe and affordable solution to gun security when a gun safe or cabinet isn't practical. This dual-purpose device bolts securely to a wall, vehicle or boat cabin. A heavy-duty universal lock slips through the trigger guard on handguns, rifles and shotguns, and then fastens firmly to a wall mount to prevent theft and misuse of the firearm.

The device unlocks in seconds and is made of sturdy steel with a rubberized coating to protect against scratches. Manufactured using die-cast construction with a solid-brass cylinder for reliable performance, the Anti-Theft GunClamp is a versatile safety device.

Hoppe's Universal Trigger Lock for pistols, rifles and shotguns is also an affordable way for your customers to prevent unauthorized use of their firearms. It slips into a trigger guard easily and provides a formidable barrier that discourages misuse of a gun...

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