Gas Action.

Author:Zellner, Mike
Position:Industry news - Brief Article

AFTER SOME TWO YEARS OF discussions, the governments of Mexico and Guatemala now say they are close to finishing plans for the concession of a cross-border natural gas pipeline valued at as much as US$400 million. If it goes forward, the project would be the latest in a series of developments in Mexico's natural gas industry, which is finally showing signs of life.

El Paso Energy Corp. recently announced a contract to supply the private power plant of Spain's Grupo Union Fenosa in the northern city Hermosillo, Sonora, using the tubes of state-run oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

Trans-Canada Pipelines Ltd., InterGen (joint venture of Shell International and Bechtel Enterprises), and Mexico's Gutsa Construcciones have laid down the country's first private pipe stretching from Ciudad Pemex...

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