Garifuna Drum Method.

Author:Mangual, Rudy

Garífuna Drum Method

By Joshua Arana and Chinny Flores

DVD English language

Produced by Emery Joe Yost and Matthew Dougherty

For End of the Line Productions

Copyright 2008, Belize World Music Publishing


This instructional DVD is an unprecedented look at the music and rhythms of the Garífuna people of Central America (mostly Belize). African and Carib Indian-derived rhythms form the backbone of this unique music and amazing culture. The Garífuna Drum Method featured in this DVD is divided into four chapters: Number 1. Basics (introduces the different Garífuna rhythms and their unique drumming techniques).

Number 2. Lessons (individual audio representations of the different rhythms including Punta, Paranda, Gunjéi, Wanaragua, Sambaí, Hüngü-Hüngü and Dügü, as well as written percussion charts breaking down the individual parts of the drums).

Number 3. Improvisation (actual demonstrations by Belizean percussionists, playing the rhythms on the Garífuna drums, the "primera" lead drum and the...

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