Gardner, Sally. I, Coriander.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

GARDNER, Sally. I, Coriander. Penguin, Dial Books. 272p. c2005. 0-8037-3099-3. $16.99. J

Coriander at the beginning of the novel is a grown woman, living in the house in London in which she was raised and telling her story one evening by candlelight. Her story is one of a happy childhood, insatiable curiosity and brave independence. It is also a fairy tale. Coriander is the daughter of a London merchant and his wife who encourage her creativity and imagination. But these are the days following the death of Charles I and the rise of the Puritan Cromwell, and such things are not appreciated. Coriander's mother dies suddenly and her father is forced into a remarriage to keep suspicions of witchcraft from destroying him and his daughter. The woman he marries is a con artist keeping company with an unscrupulous Puritan preacher. Coriander's father is sent into exile and her stepmother sells off the household to maintain her lifestyle. Coriander is locked in her mother's trunk,...

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