Gardam, Jane. The flight of the maidens.

Author:Griffin, Maureen K.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Plume. 278p. c2000. 0-452-28334-5. $13.00. SA

In 1946, while England rebuilds from the war, Hetty Fallowes, Una Vane, and Lieselotte Klein are friends headed to university on unexpected but earned scholarships. The summer after secondary school challenges the three Yorkshire girls who struggle with leaving their small town where they have made their mark and entering the different worlds of Cambridge and London. Hetty tries to distance herself from an overly pious and possessive Anglo-Catholic mother. The independent Una takes up with a delivery boy from a poor part of town. Lieselotte, escaping via Kindertransport from Nazi Germany, lives with Quakers before being claimed by a...

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