Gangsta Rap.

Author:Harrison, Desiree
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Gangsta Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah Bloomsbury Children's Books, August 2004 $7.95, ISBN 1-582-34886- 3

Ray, a 15-year-old male from London's East End, lives at home with his younger sister, Kori, and West Indian parents. With a natural talent with words and rebellious spirit, Ray and his father, especially, tend to disagree regularly. After many suspensions from school, Ray is permanently expelled; he has a fight with his parents and leaves home.

Ray finds refuge in his best friends Tyrone and Prem. Like Ray, Tyrone and Prem also have problems at home and school. The boys seek guidance from Marga Man, an older Jamaican owner of a well-known record store and the boys' daily hangout. Marga Man becomes a father figure to the young men and encourages them to stay off the streets and develop their talent and love for hip-hop music.

The boys gain focus and become serious...

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