Gallus sets goals for lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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* Around 192 industrialized countries have demonstrated their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by signing the Kyoto Protocol. In 2003, Switzerland was the 111th nation to sign up to the protocol and commit to the specified targets.

In an attempt to implement measures to cut emissions, Switzerland's private sector established the En AW (Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency) to provide companies with personal advice and indicate the best approach for meeting legal requirements in an easy, cost-effective way. By signing up to the voluntary En AW program, Gallus Ferd. Ruesch AG has undertaken an initiative to cut CO2 emissions and optimize energy efficiency. In Switzerland, this target agreement is recognized at federal, cantonal and industry partner levels.

Once it had signed the agreement, the company's energy status was analyzed in detail in collaboration with En AW experts. This analysis was used to draw up a strategy with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions at Gallus by approximately 20% in three stages over a nine-year period. These three stages are split into measures that can be implemented in the short term, and medium and long-term measures/investments helping to lower CO2 emissions.

The first stage runs from 2015 to 2018.As part of this first phase of reducing C02, most of the lighting at Gallus has already been converted to LED technology. Efforts are...

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