Gallus meets digital.

Author:Penhallow, John
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Heralded since last June, the Gallus DCS 340 made its debut during the "Gallus Innovation Days" attended by more than 700 people in late September. For the Swiss press manufacturer, this was the first major event since it was fully-acquired by Heidelberg.

Using the combined skills of Gallus, Heidelberg and Fujifm, the new press was developed in less than a year. This achievement was made possible by using an ingenious adaptation of the well-established Gallus ECS 340 flexo press,

"To design, develop and build such a product in less than 12 months is something I would not have thought possible," said Gerold Unzbach, CEO of Heidelberg, adding, with just a touch of hyperbole, that for him the Gallus DCS 340 was just as sexy as the products made famous by the late Steve Jobs.

At the heart of the Gallus DCS 340 is an inkjet module; upstream of it are a corona pre-treater and two flexo units. Downstream is another flexo unit (for varnishing), a "classic" semi-rotary diecutter, and a slitter rewinder, The "black box" at the heart of the press houses up to 64 Fujifilm Dimatix UV printheads printing in seven colors (CMYK/orange/violet/green) plus white, with a native resolution of 1200 dpi. These heads, developed by Fujifilm, will be manufactured under license by Heidelberg.

Print speed is currently 50 m/min (roughly 160 ft/min), and Gallus is confident that this speed will be increased between now and the official launch next year.

During the presentation, Jason Oliver (billed as Heidelberg's 'Mister...

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