Gainful employment.

PositionMATTERS OF SCALE - Table

Gainful Employment Number of doctors per 10,000 population in San Marino (ranked 474 first in the world) In Cuba (second) 59 In Monaco (third) 58 In Saint Lucia (fourth) 52 In Greece (fifth) 50 Number of secondary school teachers per 10,000 population in 163 Liechtenstein (first) In Azerbaijan (second) 152 In Uzbekistan (third) 144 In Kazakhstan (fourth) 123 In Lithuania (fifth) 122 Number of active-duty soldiers per 10,000 population in North 460 Korea (first) In Eritrea (second) 398 In Israel (third) 238 In Brunei (fourth) 175 In Lebanon (fifth) 171 Number of lawyers per 10,000 population in the United States 37.7 (ranked first in the world) In Brazil (second) 30.7 In New Zealand (third) 26.3 In Spain (fourth) 25.4 In Italy...

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