Gaiman, Neil. M is for Magic: Stories.

Author:Welty, Ellen
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

GAIMAN, Neil. M is for magic, stories. HarperCollins. 260p. c2607. 978-0-06-118647-9. $8.75. J S A

Short stories are sometimes a hard sell to middle school and high school students, but this collection has something for everyone. Many of the tales have been previously published in other collections. There is a sophisticated take on Humpty Dumpty's death and his sister's insistence that it wasn't an accident; a story about an adopted cat that nightly battles the Devil in order to keep his adoptive family safe; a downright creepy tale of a jack-in-the-box; and the tale of the witch's headstone that will leave readers wishing there was more to the story. There are subtle lessons in the stories--all good stories have...

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