Gaby Natale: entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Author:Alter, Diane
Position:Cover story

The road Gaby Natale took on her way to becoming a successful host, TV producer and winner of two daytime Emmys was filled with many twists and turns. Yet every twist and turn was a lesson and a stepping stone. Blessed with an adventurous and curious nature, as well as the desire to see the world, Gaby embraced every experience. And she bravely broke from tradition.

"Everyone in my family is a lawyer," Gaby told Latino Leaders Magazine. "My mom, my dad and my aunt are all lawyers. I grew up thinking there were only four career choices: lawyer, engineer, architect and doctor. But I wanted to travel. I wanted to broaden my experiences. I have always been independent."

So an independent Gaby left her native Buenos Aires and went to study in London at the University of Westminster, where she earned a BA in international relations.

"I traveled to England after studying international relations at the University of San Andres," Gaby said. "I loved learning all about international relations. The field encompasses so much about so many things that are so important and matter. It's all about current events and world happenings. But it was studying international relations in London that I found my real passion. I spent every extra cent I had, which wasn't much since I was on a tight budget--not on shoes or clothes, but on going to films. That was when I decided to study production. That was also when I found my passion--my calling."

Still, it was an uphill climb. After finishing her studies in London, Gaby returned to Buenos Aires in 2000. It was a time when Argentina was dealing with an economic depression. Unemployment was widespread and the prospects for any kind of work were dim.

"I remember looking for a job and a prospective employer saying to me, 'You want a job and I have to fire half my staff today.' I went a year without a job. But I did not just sit around."

The year Gaby went without a paying job was filled with a lot of volunteering. One volunteer job involved helping a friend out at a seminar. Speakers from all over the world were scheduled to take part. It sounded exciting, but it was also a humbling experience for Gaby.

"I knew a lot of people that I graduated with would be there," Gaby recalled. "I thought to myself that I would be there pulling out chairs and handing out programs to some of my former colleagues. I had a pity party for one that lasted until my mother intervened. She told me to get dressed in my best outfit, put on...

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