For G&L, it's all in the family when it comes to HMCs.

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Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools will demonstrate four members of the HMC horizontal machining center family at IMTS. The pallet sizes of the seven models that make up the HMC Series range in size from 500 x 400 mm to 1600 x 1250mm.

The HMC line is a joint effort between Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools and Huller Hille, both part of the global Thyssen Production Systems (TPS) machine tools group of ThyssenKrupp. TPS employs a product development process that draws on the combined expertise of all divisions' engineering, marketing, and manufacturing resources. Similar in design to the process used by automotive manufacturers, the world platform concept leverages the company's best global resources to produce cost-effective products with leading-edge capabilities.

Speed and power are meant to go hand-in-hand with the HMC Series. For the 630 x 500 mm through 1250 x 1000mm pallet members of the HMC family, the 60-hp spindle drive coupled with a 6000-, 10,000-, or 12,000-rpm spindle maximizes metal removal capabilities. Rapid traverse rates up to 1417 ipm and tool changes as fast as 4.8 sec chip-to-chip reduce cycle times.

The rigidity of the cast-iron design provides a solid foundation for the HMC Series four sigma accuracy of 0.0003" (0.007mm) positioning and 0.000 15" (0.004mm) repeatability. Heidenhain scales with 40 millionths resolution is the standard measurement system.

The 100-tool magazine is a flexible design using two 50-tool cartridges. Additional capacity may be added in...

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