FYI: best places to work.

Author:Ellet, Bill

Each year, the Great Place to Work Institute publishes, with much fanfare, a list of the 100 best businesses to work for. The buzz comes from the publication of the list in Fortune Magazine.

To see the 2007 list, click here.

Understandably, most of the attention goes to the list--which companies are on it and which aren't. High on the list are recognizable names such as Google (number one in 2007), Genentech, Container Store, and Whole Foods Market.

The names of lesser known companies are also interesting: Wegmans Food Markets, S. C. Johnson & Son, Methodist Hospital System, and David Weekley Homes.

The trends in the list usually make news. In 2007 there are "fewer manufacturers, many more professional service firms ..., healthcare providers, and retailers." The appearance of more retailers in the top 100 surprises me. With a few exceptions, retailers have been notable more for their sky-high turnover rates than satisfied employees.

If you've paid any attention to the list, have you ever wondered what criteria are used to select companies? Here's what the institute has to say:

At the heart of our definition of a great place...

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