Fusion joins transit forum: Model D speaker series highlights transportation in our region.


Model D Media recently held a speakers series on transportation in our region, and Fusion members participated. Speakers included John Hertel, CEO of Detroit Regional Mass Transit, and Scott Clein, an engineer with Giffels-Webster. Both are working to change the way Detroiters get around.


Hertel opened with boyhood memories of taking a final ride on Detroit's street cars before they shut down for good. Fast forward several decades, and he's leading the effort to get them back. Hertel shared the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council's recently released transit plan for Southeastern Michigan, including a light rail or streetcar system down Woodward Avenue. The firm Clein works for, Giffels-Webster, recently helped design a non-motorized plan that calls for more than 400 miles of bike lanes in Detroit. The plan recently got approval from Detroit City Council, and Clein shared the details during the event.

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By Melissa Roy

For the first time in our history, the Detroit Region has a transit plan and an environment that is favorable to implementation of that plan. Considering the demand for transit and the imminent need, this is great news.

This region has not seen a shortage of transit plans. Infact, there have been approximately 25 in our recent lifetime. What has not accompanied our past transit blueprints was an implementation plan. In order to connect those phases, a transit program needs a funding strategy, political support and a champion to see it through.


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