Fusion perspective: last year's Fusion Track at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Author:Zendle, Keith Allan
Position:INFUSED - Mackinac Policy Conference - Column

Last year's Mackinac Policy Conference was absolutely an incredible experience, especially for the relatively small investment. I've been to numerous conferences and seminars over the years and have to say that going to Mackinac with Fusion was the best value ever. In addition to the fantastic opportunities to meet and talk with our states "movers and shakers," I had a ton of fun making friends with tomorrow's leaders in Fusion. I don't think any of us who went up last year will ever forget the ride up on the party bus!

As a "seasoned young professional" (I'm 43 with lots of business experience but I'm told I'm covered by the "young in spirit" clause), I can only wonder how different my business career would have been if there had been a Mackinac Policy Conference opportunity like the one Fusion now provides. Attending Mackinac with Fusion gives a young person a terrific opportunity to connect and make friends with leaders in all areas of business and government. Making those relationships can dramatically accelerate and widen a person's career opportunities.


In addition, we live in a time when our city and state needs its people of all ages to step up and start taking more positive leadership roles. The challenges we all face are too great to leave to a select few. The Mackinac Policy Conference is a great opportunity to learn about our challenges, engage with the people who are involved in dealing with them and start making a difference!

Keith Allan Zendler is a chairman & CEO of Peoplemovers, Inc. Fusion has taken the lead as a founding member of the Peoplemovers Community Network - a web-based "community networking" tool using many of the same social networking technologies like those made popular by Facebook and Linkedln but with a special focus on building strong communities. The Peoplemovers Community Network will...

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