Fusion generation: the next level of YPs.


The term young professional, or YP, no longer accurately describes this group of change-agents. It is now the Fusion Generation - the unification of the Gen X, Y and Millennials, professionals and students who are working together to better their communities and world they live in. There is no way to fully separate these generations as they exhibit the same passion for the place they live, work and play in. It is a renaissance generation that is multi-talented and ready to share their knowledge with the world. They have ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit that will make a lasting impact in their communities.


Occupations: Professionals are from all industries: doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, accountants, musicians, writers, marketers, police officers, etc.

Characteristics: Inclusive, outgoing, persistent, altruistic, tech savvy, urban, mobile, influential, ready to act, outspoken, diverse, connected, enthusiastic, optimistic, non-traditional.

Likes: Getting involved, leadership, change (with preservation), cooperation, focus

Dislikes: Too much talking and no action, selfishness, egos, wasting of resources, assumptions, pessimism.

Want to get your employees involved with Fusion?

Become a Fusion supporter and see the impact they will make in the community and for your business.

Fusion provides young professionals the opportunity to connect with other young professionals and community leaders, a voice for them in the community and access to professional development and leadership programs.

Your business will benefit from increased employee effectiveness and retention through Fusion, helping them become better informed about available resources and fit in and experience the value of living and working in the Detroit Region. Fusion also makes it easy for them to engage in areas of interest in the community.

To learn how to become a supporter, contact Christianne Sims at 313.596.0488 or csims@detroitchamber.com.

For more information, visit www.fusiondetroit.org.

Meet a Fusion Member

Jeanette Pierce explains Inside Detroit

  1. What is Inside Detroit?

    Inside Detroit (ID) is a non profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about Detroit's history, culture and livability through customized tours that promote Detroit as a preferred destination to live, work and play. Basically, Inside Detroit shows people that Detroit has whatever they're looking for.

  2. Why did you start ID?

    My business partner Maureen Kearns...

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