Fusing generations: Fusion helps bridge the gap in the workplace.

Position:Talent - Young professionals to be trained on personal development

With the importance of keeping this generation here and involved in the community, the emergence and proliferation of young professional organizations is evident in the area. Fusion is the one organization that gives young professionals a voice and provides a connection to all areas of the business and surrounding communities.


Fusion continues set itself apart from the others by offering unique professional and personal development opportunities that connect diverse groups of individuals from all backgrounds and professions. Fusion is different in that it is not a "social" group; it is a membership organization that aids in economic development and provides advocacy and awareness.

Member demographics Members Age Over 40 6% 35-40 13% 30-34 25% 25-29 51% Under 25 5% Location Wayne 47% Oakland 41% Macomb 9% Washtenaw 2% Other 1% Note: Table made from pie chart. [GRAPHIC OMITTED]

Fusion Committees Formed in the Past Year

The Arts & Culture Committee launched in spring of 2008 and is responsible for connecting and promoting the creative industries and resources that exist

The LEADS Committee (Learn, Enhance And Develop Skills is responsible for planning professional and personal development activities The committee held an event in April. "Going Green," where individuals learned how to become more environmentally conscious and responsible "for themselves and their businesses.

The Entrepreneurship Committee is responsible for planning and providing assistance to emerging and potential businesses. The committee held an event in February, "Business Killers," which helped participants identify and avoid potential mistakes that could "kill" then business and their future. Fusion was also co-sponsor with the Chamber for the 12V Entrepreneurial workshop held at Lawrence Tech.

The Social Committee is response for planning and assisting with special evens and building vendor and venue relationships. The committee planned...

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