Funny moment.

Author:Rudoren, Gary

FUNNY MOMENT | BY GARY RUDOREN WHO LOVES THE JEWS-AND ISRAEL-THE MOST? COMMITTED TO LOVES THE DEFENDING WAS BAR/BAT LOVES ISRAEL JEWISH PEOPLE ISRAEL MITZVAH'D Yes So much. In a ABSOLUTELY No, but wanted practical, to be. achievable way. Yes. (Right Wants to see IN NO UNCERTAIN No, but would after Jesus) them all return TERMS. YES. have loved to to Israel have been invited to some. Yes And likes them OF COURSE But in No. But can too. a corny, folksy lecture you on way. the meaning of "mitzvah," which you probably don't know. Does working Not all, but Thinks Israel Yes. Average bar on a kibbutz some, or most, has a right to mitzvah gift was count? most of the exist. Thinks it $27. time, or some of should exist, the time, but wants it to mostly. be nicer. Can't Israel just be a little nicer? HUGE fan Of course. "The Considers No, but went to only people I himself the best many many bar want counting my thing that could and bat mitzvahs money are short happen to and always wrote guys with Israel. Not a tremendous yarmulkes!" neutral, totally check. not neutral. KNOWS BIBI NETANYAHU GRANDPARENT LOVES ISRAEL PERSONALLY OF JEWS Yes Yes, good Yes. Constantly relationship, reminds people almost like she is a brother and grandmother, but sister. Consults not that old. with Kissinger too. Yes. (Right Thinks of him as No. Willing to after Jesus) his best friend work out forever; and something knows that his awkward with future VP, Carly daughters. R, has Bibi's phone number. Yes Promises to call No. Doesn't on first day in believe that the White...

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