Full Screen Redesign: USA TODAY upgrades website.

Author:Mateos, Evelyn

In late October, USA TODAY unveiled upgrades and a new design to USATODAY.com. It's the first major redesign since 2012 when the organization commemorated its 30th anniversary.

Among the many new features are a mix of color to distinguish sections (blue for news, red for sports, green for money, etc.), competitive page speed, a "virtual highlighter," to signify when content is an opinion piece, and improved content organization and website search.

Jason Jedlinski, senior vice president and head of consumer products, told E&P that the organization felt it was time to invest in the full screen laptop and tablet experience, and integrate some of the more modern features that had been working in mobile.

Jedlinski and his team spent several months deciding what the redesign should look like and studying data regarding the journeys that online users took, where they spend their time, and the personas of the people they were trying to reach and engage. What they found were four principles from a product design standpoint: understand problems before trying to solve them, support risk-taking, conduct true experiments, and only build things they thought could have a material measurable value.

Through that process they found some surprising insights and conclusions. For example, Jedlinski said that users did not understand Life--one of the core sections since 1982 that included coverage of the Oscars, Grammys and celebrities--was an actual section; readers only thought of it as entertainment. As result, they decided to create an entertainment section separate from Life.

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