Fujifilm introduces Forge Guard.

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Fujifilm Electronic Materials USA, Inc. has introduced Fujifilm Forge Guard to the US market. Forge Guard is a security label offering manufacturers in the garment, machinery and automobile parts industries a new alternative for brand and anti-counterfeiting protection requirements.

Utilizing Fujifilm technology, Forge Guard security labels are hidden full-color images and text that are nearly impossible for counterfeiters to copy due to their range of colors and complex resolutions. Fujifilm's proprietary chemicals and process equipment combined with strict process controls enable Forge Guard labels to retain their hidden color and information even after exposure to heat, humidity and harsh chemicals. The labels are also able to withstand repeated washing and drying, as well as long-term exposure to sunlight.

"With the rise of global manufacturing, marketing and sales, counterfeiting has become a huge problem, especially for manufacturers throughout the auto parts supply chain and in the garment and machinery industries," says David Diepholz, senior director, IPD Sales, Fujifilm Electronic Materials USA. "Often, customers don't even realize they are buying fakes or gray market items, which means lost sales for genuine products and potential brand damage when the counterfeit...

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