Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) has announced the cancellation of Forum and INFOFLEX 2020, due to the continued rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

"As the FTA Board of Directors, FFTA Board of Trustees and management team were methodically reviewing updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and multiple authorities in Columbus and the state of Ohio, in the end, one need remained at our forefront: the obligation to protect the health and safety of the FTA membership," says Mark Cisternino, FTA president.

A number of significant changes have made cancellation of these events unavoidable. The Governor of Ohio recently issued an executive order banning all mass gatherings of 100 or more people throughout the state.... The ban was executed out of an abundance of caution. There was no timeframe assigned to the ban, therefore the decision was immediately made by management to recommend cancellation to the FTA and FFTA Boards, which they approved.

FTA management is currently formulating avenues with which to deliver the content...

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