Fruit arrangements by design.

Author:Anderson, Tasha
Position:DINING - Brief article

Treat loved ones with a fresh gift from Fruit Arrangements by Design. The company is owned by Richelle Calvin, an Alaskan born in Juneau and raised in Anchorage. It all started as she was flying home in 2005: "I was flipping through one of those airplane magazines and I saw a picture of one [of the fruit arrangements] ... and I thought, 'We have to have one of these!'"

Two years later, that mid-flight thought had become a reality, and Calvin runs the family business with help from her oldest son and some of her cousins.

The fruit arrangement can be purchase individual or as packages, which may include balloons, sparkling cider, and unique containers and can be modified to fit the client's needs. Calvin says, "If you see an arrangement and don't like one of the fruits and want to add some of something else, we can do that."

The berries and fruits can be unadorned, but many of the selections are dipped in chocolate. "We use milk chocolate...

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