FrontRange over IP: a talk with CEO Michael McCloskey.

Position:IP CONTACT CENTERS - Interview

This month, Tracey Schelmetic, editorial director of Customer Inter@ction Solutions[R], spoke with the CEO of FrontRange Solutions, Michael McCloskey, about his company's announcement of a new IP contact center product geared toward the small and mid-sized contact center market. In this interview, McCloskey discusses why the company has entered this market, how the product is intended to benefit the market and what it means to you.

TS: Back in the spring, you announced the introduction of your IP contact center product, aiming for the small to mid-sized market segment. What are the reasons you chose to target this smaller call center market?

MM: As more enterprises embrace a distributed model, business processes are being driven by departments and divisions, and that is allowing an agile enterprise. As a result, we see a lot of enterprises forming smaller call centers of size 25 to 75 agents, so there is viable market opportunity. Yet most of the established vendors in VoIP are targeting larger call centers, and neither their business model nor their products are well adapted to smaller call centers. The investment in PBX and ACD hardware is simply too costly for a small call center and, as a result, no company has a clear foothold in this market. By contrast, the FrontRange strategy uses existing IP networks as leverage and is designed to accelerate the time to benefit, lower the total cost of ownership and integrate well with application software.


TS: Some say the "IP contact-center-in-a-box" market is getting a little crowded. Assuming this is the case, why would FrontRange choose to enter this market?

MM: You're correct that a lot of vendors are trying to enter the market, but none has attained leadership in the small and medium-sized call center space. Most vendors are struggling with effective ways to serve this market. At FrontRange, we have been focused on serving the needs of distributed enterprises, with call centers employing 10 to 75 agents. Our VoIP technology is tied closely to the business needs these centers are facing. This is especially true of call centers that are providing customer service or help desk and want to use VoIP to queue and route calls directly into our HEAT software.

TS: How does the IP contact center product fit in with both HEAT and GoldMine?

MM: FrontRange IP Contact Center is highly integrated with both HEAT and GoldMine on a common platform. When an agent answers a call, the...

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