Front Lines.

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I'm so pleased with (and proud of) this issue, which is dedicated to the theme of the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act and, since I'm writing this while attending PDI 2000 in Philadelphia, it's easy to recall how it began.

Exactly one year ago, I was visiting with Mr. Bill Campbell, Chief Financial Officer of the US Coast Guard, at PDI 1999 in San Diego. He shared with me some of the Coast Guard's remarkable journey toward CFO Act compliance. I asked if the Coast Guard would be willing to continue sharing the story with all of our readers this year, after the FY 1999 opinions were rendered. He graciously agreed (even without knowing Coast Guard would get an unqualified audit opinion!). A short time later, I had a similar conversation with Mr. Steve Coakley, Director of Resource Management for the US Army Corps of Engineers (another success story), who also agreed. We had critical mass--the promise of two articles--and our CFO "theme" issue was on its way.

Little did I know how enthusiastically the subject would be received, and that we'd end up publishing such a big issue filled with articles on topics relating to the CFO Act. My personal thanks to each of the individuals...

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