From the President.

Author:Miller, Christopher D.

Dear members and friends of the Foundation:

As the Air Force passes the seven-decade milestone in since its formation in 1947, and many Air Force squadrons celebrate a century since their creation durinsg the First World War, it is time for our Foundation to redouble its efforts to be a strong and valuable voice within the air power community. We fill a special role by accurately and powerfully promoting the legacy of Airmen, and educating future generations to understand and be inspired by the stories of those who preceded them. As scholars, students and practitioners of airpower continue to tell our Air Force's story--the Airmen, the machines, and the conflicts--innovation and ingenuity must remain a special point of emphasis. These core characteristics link yesterday's Airmen in an important way to those serving today, and they remain just as vital to our nation's future.

It is a pleasure to announce that our major award winners for this year have been chosen and have confirmed their acceptance. They will be honored at our Awards Banquet on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at Army Navy Country Club. In Arlington, Virginia. I warmly invite any member or friend of the Foundation who is interested to attend for a memorable night of air power camaraderie and celebration. The 2017 award recipients are:

For the Best Air Power History Article: "They Called Defeat Victory: Lam Son 719 and the Case for Airpower" by Dr. William P. Head

For the Best Book Reviewed in Air Power History: The Other Space Race, by Dr. Nicholas Sambaluk

The Major General I. B. Holley Award for a lifetime of documenting Air Force history: Mr. Keith Ferris

The General Carl A. "Tooey" Spaatz Award for a lifetime contribution to the making of Air Force history: General Richard B. Myers

The James H. Doolittle Award for a unit with an exceptional contribution to Air Force history: the 432nd Wing, Creech AFB, Nevada

Happily, our AFHF staff has returned to their regular office space at Andrews AFB after some much-needed environmental system modernization. We'll have a "functional check flight" once...

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