From the President.

AuthorMeyerrose, Dale W.

As always, let me thank you for the part each of you has played in the history and legacy of air power across the decades, and for your generous contributions to the Foundation. We are particularly gratified with your response to this year's all-digital vote for our new board of directors. For some this is a more difficult process than the traditional filling out of a ballot and returning it by mail, and we thank you for making this effort.

We are welcoming as new board members four fine gentlemen who will, I am certain, make great contributions to the Foundation: retired Lt. Generals Christopher D. Miller and Stephen G. Wood; Mr. Daniel R. Sitterley, currently serving as the Principal Deputy Assistant, Secretary of the Air Force (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), and retired Colonel Tom Owens. I elected to run once again, and will serve as the Foundation's president through this difficult transitional period as we regain our financial footing.

Our most important communication to you concerns this year's celebration of the Foundation's 60th anniversary. The celebration will be marked by a number of things, including a gala banquet on July 9th featuring the legendary pilot Mr. Bob Hoover as a special honored guest. We also will publish a special commemorative edition of Air Power History. This commemorative edition will feature articles from the near and far past, as well as some notable writings from...

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