From the President, 0218 WYBJ, Vol. 41 No. 1. 12

Author:Rob C. Jarosh, Hirst Applegate, LLP Cheyenne, Wyoming
Position:Vol. 41 1 Pg. 12

From the President

Vol. 41 No. 1 Pg. 12

Wyoming Bar Journal

February, 2018

Your Bar: An Abundance of Resources and Benefits

Rob C. Jarosh, Hirst Applegate, LLP Cheyenne, Wyoming

This edition of my favorite publication is largely dedicated to the "Virtual Office." It is very early on a Saturday morning, and I'm writing this from my physical office, a clear indication that I don't really know or appreciate what a virtual office is.

This is not at all unusual for me. I find myself "Googling" things almost every day, mostly to try to keep up with my kids. My most recent searches on Google include, "kpop,"[1] "lit,"[2] and "hundoP."[3] If you're curious, my Google search this morning told me that a virtual office is "the operational domain of any business or organization whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work at home."

I should have "googled"the words, "Wyoming State Bar" when I started practicing in 2001, or at least tried to learn something significant about it. For the first five or six years that I practiced, I only knew three things: a) I turned in my CLEs to the Wyoming State Bar; b) a high school classmate of mine worked there;[4] and c) I never wanted to get a letter or call from Becky Lewis.[5]

If you have a chance, use Google to search "Wyoming State Bar" the next time you are on the Internet. Better yet, just go directly to its redesigned website at If you take a few minutes to peruse the site, I think you will see that the Wyoming State Bar ("WSB") has a great deal to offer its membership, regardless of how long you have practiced, what area you practice in, or where you practice.[6]

For just a few examples of what the WSB does in addition to the regulatory functions it administers on behalf of the Wyoming Supreme Court (admissions, continuing legal education, license fees, attorney discipline), consider the following: • Practice Sections: The WSB created and aids more than a dozen specialty groups comprised of Wyoming lawyers who focus efforts on unique areas of law or business, allowing for more in-depth examination of issues...

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