Author:Anderson, Gretchen

Over the past 69 years, the American Society of Military Comptrollers (originally the Society for Military Accountants and Statisticians) has supported the defense financial management community by providing valuable education, training, and professional development. I am honored and pleased to serve as President of our Society over the next two years, as we continue to grow our Society and focus its programs to best support our profession. I especially want to thank Mr. Craig Bennett for his outstanding service as our President these past two years.

Congratulations and thank you to our ASMC National HQ staff and all the volunteers who served as PDI Chair, Vice Chair, local committee chairs and members, assistant instructors, Professional Development Committee chair and members, Awards Committee Chair and members, our speakers, and everyone else who participated in planning and conducting our extremely successful ASMC PDI 2017 in San Diego. It is truly a team effort and by all accounts, PDI 2017 was another great "training and professional development" event. In addition to Service Day, plenary, and workshop sessions, the instruction presented in "Mini-courses" (aligned to DoD Financial Management Certification Program competencies) provided great value to participants. Our plenary session speakers (Honorable Robert Speer, Mr. John Roth, RADM (Ret) Ken Slaght, Mr. Tom Murphy, Mr. Michael Durant, and Mr. Jason Hewlett) were terrific. Our opening ceremony focus on DoD and US Coast Guard performance organizations was especially interesting...

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