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AuthorBennett, Craig

We devoted this edition of the Armed Forces Comptroller to the theme of "Systems, Tools, and Technology," an area critical to the defense financial management (FM) community's ability to effectively support decision-making and ensure the efficient use of resources in achieving the missions of the Department of Defense and the United States Coast Guard.

Special thanks to the Honorable Mike McCord, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) for providing ASMC his "Analysis of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015," which we have included as the first article in this edition.

In the next article the author discusses the impact of a tool most of use every day and questions whether Google makes us smarter. Then an author from the US Coast Guard provides information about our initiative to move to a federal shared service provider. Authors from DoD provide us their perspectives on the future of reimbursable transactions vis-a-vis the use of the Department of the Treasury's "Invoice Processing Platform;" Air Force savings and efficiencies derived via use of their "Investment Management Process" as it relates to managing their "Defense Business Systems" portfolio; results of collaboration between the office of the DoD Chief Information Officer and the Naval Center for Cost Analysis regarding the Department's Enterprise Software Initiative; and finally, value the Army is obtaining via their General Fund Enterprise Business...

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