From the makers of six sigma.

Author:Lowell, Richard
Position:Motorola University's six sigma foundationss

Six Sigma foundations, 2-4 hrs, 2003, Motorola University (800-446-6744,, $245 per student; volume discounts available.

Six Sigma was originally designed to identify and prevent defects in a manufacturing process. As a methodology, it's an analytical, statistical approach that has provided substantial benefits to organizations that have embraced it.

Motorola created Six Sigma as we know it today. Motorola University has long been the corporate equivalent of Harvard or MIT. It is highly respected in the field of corporate universities, offering leading-edge thinking as it relates to Motorola's goals and some of the best faculty in the country. When the creators of the leading methodology for business process improvement try their hand at an e-learning foundation course, you would expect a finely crafted, reliable training course that achieves its goal. Six Sigma Foundations does not disappoint.

Crafted as an internal development course to be used in a blended learning environment, Motorola's Foundation course transfers easily to an external for-sale workshop. As an introduction to the concepts of Six Sigma, I have found nothing better online or in other media.

The workshop takes you through the basics of the Six Sigma methodology in a concise and easy-to-understand format. The principles of leadership are explained in practical terms easily translated back to the workplace. Six Sigma analytical tools are demystified so everyone can use them. It is to the great credit of the course designers that you start looking to use the tools and apply the principles as soon as you finish the workshop to your own ongoing...

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