Author:Runnels, Al

While each of our lives have been changed over the past few months, my thoughts are of those who have passed away due to the COVID-19 virus and also of the others who have been infected, many of whom are currently fighting for their lives. I'm concerned that many states are "reopening" without adequate attention to the "science" trends, and without necessary capacity for testing and contact tracing to preclude a resurgence of infection. To all of our members and to the entire defense financial management community, please take extra precautions in social distancing and other actions over the next couple of months to remain safe and well. I'm so thankful for the personal leadership and courage exhibited by our nation's doctors; nurses; paramedics, police, and other first responders; and many others in helping those impacted so severely by this novel Coronavirus situation.

Several months ago, when our ASMC Editorial Board, led by Ms. Terry Placek, decided to establish "Leadership: Driving Change!" as the theme for this Spring edition of our Armed Forces Comptroller, we had no idea it would be so meaningful in terms of the hugely essential role that leadership plays in guiding an organization, an agency, a state, and a nation through a crisis; such as that in which we are currently enduring together. I know you will enjoy reading the contributions of all of our authors in this edition of our journal.

About two months ago, we canceled PDI 2020, scheduled in Nashville during the last week of May. To Mr. Jeff Bacon (PDI Chair from our Redstone-Huntsville Chapter); members of his executive committee; chairs, vice chairs, and members of all of the local committees; Ms. Glenda Scheiner (Chair) and members of our Professional Development Committee; the ASMC HQ staff; our approximately 250 speakers; and many others--thanks so much for all the work you did in preparing for what surely would have been our best National PDI. Ms. Kathy Groat (our new Associate Director, Education & Professional Development) and her assistant, Ms. Janice Carrigan are currently...

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