Author:Runnels, Al
Position:American Society of Military Comptrollers - Editorial

I am pleased to thank Mr. Craig Bennett for his tremendous work as our ASMC President over the past two years and to welcome Ms. Gretchen Anderson as our new ASMC President. Ms. Anderson has served as a member of the ASMC National Executive Committee for several years and recently served (during the 2015-2016 term) as President of our Washington Chapter. Having served for several years at the Senior Executive Service level within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), she recently assumed the position of CFO of the Defense Logistics Agency.

Our ASMC National PDI 2017 was indeed a terrific success thanks to the excellent work of everyone involved in its planning and execution. In the days and weeks that followed the close of PDI 2017, many of our attendees personally advised me they found it was a great training and professional development event. The teamwork and effort included in the planning and conduct of our National PDI is truly amazing and provides great value from the perspective of contributions to the overall effectiveness of defense financial management. I thank the Department of Defense, the US Coast Guard, and other organizations for their support of this valuable training event. Our efforts to recognize and celebrate the critical missions and operations of our US

Armed Forces Performance Teams; such as our military bands...

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