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AuthorRunnels, Al

I also thank the Honorable Mike McCord and all of our authors for their contributions to this Armed Forces Comptroller. As you well know, defense financial managers use "Systems, Tools, and Technology" every day in performing their duties. The impacts these areas have on the effectiveness of financial management operations and the outcomes concerning achievement of strategic goals, objectives, and initiatives cannot be overstated. I look forward to more articles in the future related to the results associated with past and ongoing investments in financial systems modernization.

We received some great comments on our previous edition, in which we focused upon the theme of "Ethics, Responsible Action, and Moral Courage." As always, we appreciate your feedback.

The National HQ staff has been busy as we continue work on several major actions. Planning and preparation for PDI 2016 in Orlando is going well. Our PDI Chair and the local committees are making good progress, while here at HQ we continue to develop the program of Mini-courses, workshops, and general session speakers. Many thanks to the Chair (Ms. Glenda Scheiner) and other members of our PDI Professional Development Committee for their leadership and work in approving proposed Mini-courses and workshops for inclusion in the agenda and then communicating with workshop leads on specifics such as locking in speakers. None of this happens without the dedicated work of Ms. Pat Tyler in organizing information for the PDC and then communicating with workshop moderators and speakers to develop and finalize the actual schedule of sessions, which is then provided to Registration HQ for programming within their system. I expect we will open registration for PDI 2016 by early February. Of course, we will notify our ASMC membership when we open registration.

We also continue work on the [CDFM.sup.*] Exam Update project. I appreciate the contributions of all of the defense...

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