From the Executive Director.

Author:Runnels, Al

The 60th Volume of our Armed Forces Comptroller represents a significant milestone for ASMC, so I also appreciate everyone who has contributed to its development and production, especially our authors, and of course, former ASMC Executive Directors, Chairs of our Editorial Board, ASMC Program Directors, and our chapters who submit information and photos.

Audit readiness Is, of course, very Important in ensuring the faith and confidence of the American public in the Department's management of Its resources. As our National President mentioned above, engagements on audit of the Statements of Budgetary Authority are underway. Actions in preparation for the audit, communication with the auditors, and information provided to them toward a successful audit result will contribute much more than just to the audit result Itself. As the Department continues to "Climb the Mountain" toward achieving a clean opinion on the audit of Its fiscal year 2017 financial statements, the additional emphasis on support and documentation of transactions, policy and procedures, management Internal controls, testing, and accountability will contribute much more significantly to the overall effectiveness of defense financial management operations In the long run.

I am pleased to mention that preparation for our ASMC 2015 National PDI In New Orleans is going well. Our ASMC National President mentioned the Mini-courses we will be offering related to credit toward meeting the DoD FM Certification Program requirements. In support of the financial management training and professional development focus of our National PDI, I'm happy to report that the Honorable Mike McCord, Under Secretary Defense (Comptroller...

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