From the editor's desk.

Author:Linker, Timothy L.

The Journal of Research Administration (Journal) is dedicated to stimulating critical thought and creating a space for dialogue to answer pressing questions posed by our evolving field. The Journal continues to seek the best and most illuminating articles for you, our readers. Your success is our success.

Scholarship remains a time-tested method to discover and share what does and does not work. As a burgeoning and ever evolving field, we are most successful when we all engage in the scholarship process, regardless of our job, experience, or background, as everyone offers a unique viewpoint. To that end, the Journal supports those who want to learn more about the academic writing process in two important ways. First, the Journal will offer a free academic writing workshop and allied seminar at the 2017 SRA International Annual Conference. This workshop and seminar will provide instruction and resources in academic writing. Second, the Journal is instituting an academic writing fellowship program. I encourage you to take advantage of both of these opportunities. More information can be found on these programs can be found on the Journal homepage at or

As noted in the Fall 2015 issue, the Journal is moving to an open access and electronic distribution platform. This is in an effort to offer the Journal's insights and content to a wider audience and in a more easily accessible medium. Hence, this will be the last printed edition of the Journal. It is my hope that if you will share this news with your colleagues and visit the Journal homepage. If you are a non-SRA International member and wish to have the Journal delivered to you via email, please send an email with your name and institution to...

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