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Author:Joyce, Jeffrey N.

The Journal of Research Administration (Journal) provides scholarly insights into the best practices of research administration and development of the research enterprise. This issue continues our showcasing of the breadth of our international contributors with contributions from Africa, Australia and Canada. The range of topics is also extensive. Mr. Masango examines in his paper entitled "Combating inhibitors of quality research outputs at the University of Cape Town" the barriers to producing high quality published research and how a program can facilitate that production of scholarly output. Nguyen and Meek take on the formidable task of analyzing organizational structure of research endeavors within academic institutions during the building phase by applying principles of organizational theory in their article "Key considerations in organizing and structuring university research". There are a number of means to measure the success of capacity building for research; but Barron and co-authors in their contribution "Measuring interactions among research grant recipients through social network analysis: insights into evaluating and improving research collaborations" have utilized social network analysis to measure the degree to which collaborations can be enhanced through specific initiatives.

Ms Schaller-Demers contributes in her paper "Responsible conduct of research: not just for researchers" the importance research administrators play in the ethical conduct of research and the framework we need to develop in order to best address courses of action when met with research misconduct. Hicks and Monroy-Paz delve into the research administration workplace through a survey of generational differences in our perspectives of the institution's obligations. In the paper entitled "Into the looking glass: psychological contracts in research administration" they utilize psychological contracts as a basis to understand generational cohort and specific ideologies in employment. Research can occur in many environments and some of the most difficult to implement occurs with university researchers conducting...

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