From the editor's desk.

Author:Joyce, Jeffrey N.

We are again in transition for the Journal of Research Administration (Journal) in more than one way. I was previously the Chair of the Academic Review Board but assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief July 1st, 2013. Dr. Timothy Atkinson resigned the Editor-in-Chief role to concentrate on the responsibilities of a new position he assumed. This transition occurred during the process of reviewing the articles that are published in the for Fall of 2013. Thankfully, Tim had already implemented changes in the review process to shorten the review cycle and to involve the Editorial Board more directly in the review process. The quality and breadth of the articles in this issue reflect that input. The Journal is a source of publications across a wide range of topics and categories. I thank Tim for his contributions to the Journal.

I am also implementing a process to better support the contributions of the authors. The Editorial Board has taken on new responsibilities that I believe will facilitate the review process, allow for the Editorial Board members to actively solicit author's contributions and work with the authors to facilitate the preparation of scholarly articles that impact our field. We want the Journal to reflect the breadth of the expertise of the broader community of research administrators, development professionals and knowledge transfer experts, their interests and their achievements.

The second transition is towards a world view of research administration and scholarly activity. In this issue we have articles describing experiences in the United Kingdom and Uganda, as well as the United States. Their view point and achievements benefit all research administrators and research development professionals. The international nature of the Society of Research Administrators International (SRA International) is also reflected in the cover art for the Journal.

The articles address subjects that include commercialization assessment strategies, grant development success strategies, university-wide...

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