From the editor's desk.

Author:Atkinson, Timothy N.
Position:Editorial - Brief article

I think "command and control" leadership might be a faux pas because one person can't possibly do it all. The single great leader is a myth, really. The modern organization demands more. It is unpredictable and ambiguous. It is mysterious and static. When people try to find meaning in work, their thoughts are intertwined with their own hopes, dreams and desires. The single leader is outnumbered when it comes to hopes and dreams and desires. We must share.

The articles in this issue of JRA confirm my thoughts in many ways because they describe the effort of dedicated people working together to achieve some kind of success or positive outcome. They are about building, sustaining, creating, growing, emerging and re-building. The positive results are not because a great leader spouted commands from a corner office, but because many people with their own...

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