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Author:Addison, Tony

With our temperatures now well above zero, we head for the official end of the Finnish winter on 1st May (the 'Vappu' holiday). As reported last month, the annual bird migration is well under way. Arriving too, are UNU-WIDER's many visitors on our PhD internship and visiting scholar programmes, including this year researchers from India, South Africa, Ghana, the USA, and many other countries. They find a welcoming nest at UNU-WIDER for the spring and summer months.

Living in the calm and safety of Helsinki should not lead us to forget the violence and conflict that are still to be found in Africa and elsewhere in the fragile states of the developing world. This month's Angle begins with the tragedy of the continuing sexual violence against women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Joelle Malokele Nanivazo, herself a DRC national, sets out the issues and discusses how to move forward. Joelle, a research fellow at UNU-WIDER, is leading our new programme of work on gender equality and aid under the ReCom programme, supported by Danida and Sida. This is one of the five themes of ReCom, and one that we at UNU-WIDER attach a great deal of importance to, given the urgent need to accelerate progress on women's livelihoods and empowerment.

Also in this month's Angle is Danielle Resnick on Africa's current democratic trajectory. Danielle, a UNU-WIDER research fellow, compares and discusses recent political events in Mali, Malawi, and Senegal. Danielle will be presenting on the Governance & Fragility theme of ReCom, in Stockholm on 10 May, 2012. Danielle will also be giving a presentation at the Overseas Development Institute in London on 17 May, 2012 (further details will be given on our website in due course).

Angle continues on the democratization theme with three reports on recent work: the politics of redistribution in Latin America under the continent's transitions from authoritarianism to democracy over the last two decades (from our project on Latin America's new development models, led for us by Giovanni Andrea Cornia); Zambia's democratization experience and the role of foreign aid (under ReCom); and the impact of development assistance on Africa's democratic transitions (also under ReCom). You will see many more of these research reports under RESEARCHAngle section appearing over the course of the year. With more than 1,200 working papers published during the last ten years, and 40 since the start of 2012, RESEARCHAngles should...

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