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Author:Addison, Tony

It's now February, and Helsinki remains deep in snow. We had an extended blizzard last weekend, with temperatures hovering around minus five. It is getting lighter all the time, and eventually the longer days will add to the temperature triggering the start of the thaw. But spring remains a long way ahead.


Nevertheless, there is a spring in our step. We had a successful results meeting on the theme of aid, growth and macroeconomic management in Copenhagen in January. This was to report some findings from our ReCom programme on foreign aid, which is being undertaken with support from Danida and Sida. This month's Angle includes a short report on the meeting by Lucy Scott and Annett Victorero, and links you up to our videos of the presentations. We do hope that you can take some time out to view them.

Also in this month's Angle is a piece by Oliver Morrissey on 'Aid and Government Fiscal Behaviour: What Does the Evidence Say?', based on his paper for ReCom now out as a UNU-WIDER working paper.

I also recently attended the 'Helsinki Process +10 conference', organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. I participated in the first meetings of the Helsinki Process ten years ago, and the last decade has certainly not been a quiet one. A decade ago the big discussions were around the governance of globalization, today the big discussion is around the governance of finance. In my presentation at the conference I reflected on a financial taxations tax (FTT), which is gaining popularity, and in this Angle I develop my thoughts on the FTT further.

More UNU-WIDER working papers are...

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