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Author:Addison, Tony

29 September 2014

As the Finnish autumn embraces us, we can reflect on a very successful conference on 'Inequality: Measurement, Trends, Impacts and Policies', held in Helsinki on 5-6 September. UNU-WIDER welcomed 350+ people from all over the world, with an especially good turnout of early-career researchers. This included many from Africa. Meanwhile, I launched myself into twitter (@TonysAngle) and I do urge you to follow us here @UNUWIDER for the very latest news.

September's issue of Angle contains a full report on our inequality conference by Roger Williamson. We debated all aspects of the issue, including the drivers of the recent rise in inequality, and what can be done, policy-wise, to reduce it. Presentations, papers, videos, can be found here.

The use of inequality data was a very large part of the conference, and you can see from the website that a big effort was made to compare the different databases available to researchers. The latest update to our World Income Inequality Database (WIID) is here. Work on WIID began when Giovanni Andrea Cornia was UNU-WIDER director, and Andrea's new book for UNU-WIDER on Latin American inequality can be found here.

GuestAngle this month features Andres Solimano on 'Economic Elites, Crises and Austerity in 21st Century Capitalism'. The book could not have come at a better time, with debate raging on the sharply widening gap between the economic elite and everyone else in society. Andres led our UNU-WIDER project on the Mobility of Talent.

In ResearchAngle, we feature UNU-WIDER work on state-building in Sierra Leone, and taxation and inequality in Latin America. Supporting financial management in fragile states is an area in which, if delivered effectively, foreign aid can play a crucial role, as the case of Sierra Leone shows. In Latin America, a shift to a more progressive taxation system in the early 2000s has been a significant factor behind the region's...

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