AuthorCruickshank, Paul

This month's feature article focuses on the challenge posed by the evolving Islamic State insurgency in Mozambique. Emilia Columbo writes: "The deployment of regional military and police forces to Cabo Delgado Province in northern Mozambique to assist the Mozambican government against what was then a growing jihadi insurgency nearly two years ago has introduced new dynamics into the conflict, expanding the insurgency's presence in the region and increasing the importance of the information space as each side works to persuade its constituencies that the conflict is proceeding in its favor." She assesses that the sustainability of security gains along the coast "will depend largely on the government's willingness to develop and implement a more balanced counterterrorism approach that addresses the underlying grievances driving this conflict."

Our interview is with Jessica White and Galen Lamphere-Englund, co-conveners of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network, which started a little over two years ago as a practitioner- and researcher-led initiative to try and unpack concerning developments in the online space.

Alexander Ritzmann writes that "the alleged plot against the German government by the Reichsburger group Patriotic Union, whose key members were arrested on...

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