From the Editor

Date01 February 2020
Published date01 February 2020
Subject MatterFrom the Editor
Political Theory
2020, Vol. 48(1) 3
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From the Editor
With this issue, I would like to thank Melvin Rogers and Kye Barker for their
dedicated work as review editor and assistant editor, respectively, over the
past three years. The review editor is responsible for selecting the books that
the journal covers; soliciting evaluations from colleagues in political theory
and related fields; and editing the review essays, symposia, and single-book
reviews for publication. I am grateful to Melvin and Kye for their attentive-
ness to every dimension of this process, and I wish them well in their next
endeavors. Melvin, an associate professor of political science at Brown, is
working on a book entitled The Darkened Light of Faith: Race, Democracy,
and Freedom in African American Political Thought. Kye recently completed
his Ph.D. at UCLA, where he is a lecturer, and he is revising his dissertation,
A Political Theory of Wonder: Feelings of Order in Modern Political Thought,
into a book manuscript.
I am quite delighted to welcome Nancy Luxon and Baruch Malewich as
the new review editor and assistant editor. Nancy is an associate professor
of political science at the University of Minnesota. Specializing in ques-
tions of power, authority, and truth-telling, she is currently writing a book
that analyzes the political and psychological processes of decolonization
and “disalienation” in French North Africa. Baruch, who works at the
intersection of political theory and international relations, is a graduate
student at Minnesota.
Thanks are also owed to Rainer Forst, professor of political theory and
philosophy at Goethe University Frankfurt and codirector of the Normative
Orders Research Cluster at Justitia Amplificata. Rainer has served on the
Executive Editorial Committee since 2012 and has been an invaluable source
of advice and support. I am excited to announce that Shalini Satkunanandan,
associate professor of political science at the University of California, Davis,
has agreed to join the EEC for a six-year term. Shalini’s work on such topics
as responsibility, passions, and faith is distinctively ecumenical, joining the
history of political thought and contemporary theory, the legal and the politi-
cal, and continental and analytical approaches.
Lawrie Balfour
900048PTXXXX10.1177/0090591719900048Political Theory

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