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Date01 October 2020
Published date01 October 2020
AuthorLawrie Balfour
Subject MatterEditorial
/tmp/tmp-170a91AixVBHZz/input 949505PTXXXX10.1177/0090591720949505
Political Theory
2020, Vol. 48(5) 547
From the Editor
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DOI: 10.1177/0090591720949505
In 2016, Jane Bennett introduced the first “Guides through the Political
Archives,” collections of articles chosen and introduced by a special-
ist that are designed to spur to research on a particular topic or provide the
basis for a syllabus. When Jill Frank, Lori Marso, and I conceived a new
series of Guides in 2018, we invited graduate students and recent graduates
to submit proposals and asked senior scholars to work with them in develop-
ing their ideas.
I am delighted to announce the publication of the first of the new Guides
on the Journal’s website. “Political Theory and American Literature: A Guide
through the Political Theory Archives” by...

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