From the Editor

Published date01 April 2021
AuthorLawrie Balfour
Date01 April 2021
Subject MatterEditorial
Political Theory
2021, Vol. 49(2) 163 –164
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From the Editor
April 2021
I am delighted to announce that Joshua Foa Dienstag, Elisabeth Ellis, and
Davide Panagia assumed the editorship of Political Theory in January 2021.
Together and individually, they bring a new breadth of intellectual acumen
and experience to the job. Joshua is the Shapiro Family Professor of Modern
Political Theory and professor of law at UCLA. His latest book, Cinema
Pessimism: A Political Theory of Representation and Reciprocity, appeared
last year, and he is working on a project on citizenship and the boundaries of
the human. Lisa, who is the former political theory field editor at the Journal
of Politics, is professor of philosophy and politics at the University of Otago.
Her most recent book is Provisional Politics: Kantian Arguments in Policy
Contexts, and she is a leading figure in the field of environmental political
theory. Davide is professor of political science at UCLA, where his wide-
ranging scholarship includes publications on aesthetics and algorithmic gov-
ernance. A former editor of Theory & Event, his newest book is Rancière’s
Over the past four years, I have incurred many debts. That Political
Theory is in such excellent hands is thanks to the search committee: Jennifer
Pitts (chair), Joan Cocks, Glen Coulthard, Juliet Hooker, Lida Maxwell, and
Lars Tønder. When they agreed to undertake this demanding task, they could
not have known that they would do most of their work in the midst of a pan-
demic. Yet they juggled family care and quarantine and upended teaching
plans to seek input and proposals from the broadest possible number of col-
leagues. Glen is also part of the Executive Editorial Committee, along with
Paul Apostolidis, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Nivedita Menon, Neil Roberts,
Shalini Satkunanandan, and Elizabeth Wingrove. Their advice and enthusi-
asm have been crucial. I am also thankful to have worked with incredibly
responsive editors at SAGE—Patrick McGinty and Ian Balisy—whose
encouragement made the demands of running a journal less daunting.
Although the review editor enjoys a great deal of autonomy in deciding
which books to cover, and Melvin Rogers and Nancy Luxon have each put a
distinctive intellectual stamp on this section of the journal, they have also
992513PTXXXX10.1177/0090591721992513Political TheoryBalfour

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