From the Editor.

Author:Wolf, Richard I.

This issue seems to be mainly centered on World War II, with three articles on the subject, one on space, and one on a more contentious topic in air power historiography.

Our first article is an excellent piece by a frequent contributor, Thomas Wildenberg and his history of the CORONA reconnaissance program and the debt it owes to some scientists at MIT. It's a fascinating story.

The second article is by a new contributor, Luke Truxal, as he examines the air combat operations involved in bombing the Romanian front in 1944. The topic suffers somewhat from historical inattention, so it's a pleasure to include it.

Our third article is from an old friend of the magazine A.D. Harvey, and he covers the Russian air effort against the Luftwaffe. It is also an area that is not written about very much, so it's nice to give it a viewing.

The fourth article is a bit more controversial. The author, a retired engineer named Robert Casari, has taken on air power icon I.B. Holley and his conclusions in the seminal Ideas and Weapons. By all means, take a few minutes and see if you agree. It's very fascinating reading.

The final article is by another regular contributor, William Cahill, and his favorite topic of electronic warfare in World War II. I think this piece on RCM in the late stages of the war against Japan is a valuable contribution.

As always, we include the usual accompanying book reviews, of which we have provided fourteen this issue. If you have read a...

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