From the Editor.


In this issue, we cover a more narrowly-focused group of topics, with combat operations and planning predominating, and a shorter study on the education of airmen.

Our first article is an extended history of the Laotian portion of the conflict in Southeast Asia. Laos was the much less well-known war that the U.S. was involved in, but one which had a greater impact on the Vietnam conflict than was generally known. Dr. William P. Head, a previous contributor, has provided an excellent overview of a very scattered campaign.

The second article is by one of our former award winners, Dr. John T. Farquhar, who examines the events which surrounded the creation of the United States Air Force Academy as well as Air University, including the intellectual debt owed to the Air Corps Tactical School.

Our third article is a brief excerpt from a history of the Air Force Historical Foundation, written by John F. Kreis, a long-time supporter of the Foundation, and someone who often contributes his time and effort to making it a success.

The fourth article is an extended look at Col. John Warden, USAF (Ret.), who played an integral and controversial role in the air campaign plan for Operation Desert Storm. The author, John Andreas Olsen, (a colonel and attache in the Norwegian Air Force) has...

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