From the editor.

Author:Epstein, Nadine


This summer we lost Elie Wiesel, a great and kind man who was an inspiration to me. Moment has now lost both of its founders, and I, two friends. Without Elie and Leibel--Leonard Fein--it is more important than ever that Moment continue its work and carry on their legacies.

After Leibel's death in August of 2014, we produced a book, Leonard Fein: Vision and Passion, a collection of his writings and thoughts in Moment that trace the arc of his thinking from 1975 on. It includes a collection of rarely seen photographs shared by his family, and concludes with a moving afterword by his granddaughter, Liat Deener-Chodirker. This book is available for download on Kindle.

To honor Elie's memory, we are dedicating this issue to him and planning a similar book. As we begin to ponder his many legacies, we have gathered together the thoughts of friends and colleagues, among them Leon Wieseltier, Bernard-Henri Levy, Natan Sharansky, Ted Koppel, Menachem Z. Rosensaft, Patrick Desbois, Mark Podwal, Dina Porat, Dan Shapiro and Sara Bloomfield. We also include a poignant interview with Elie's son, Elisha.

Since Elie's death, we have received an outpouring of condolences and tributes. There is a small selection of excerpts in our Conversation section. We wish we had room for more, but we plan to post a fuller assortment on our website. In our book section, you will hear from teenagers who have read Elie's first book, Night, his powerful retelling of his harrowing Holocaust experience. You'll hear how this seminal book has influenced them, and why they believe it should continue to be read by future generations.

We didn't plan it this way, but the topics in this issue would have been of great interest to Elie. Moment contributor Liam Hoare reexamines the landmark 2000 libel trial in which scholar Deborah Lipstadt faced down Holocaust denier David Irving. Hoare interviews Irving, who famously lost the case and then virtually disappeared from sight, as well as Lipstadt and the full cast of expert witnesses and lawyers, in anticipation of the release of the feature film Denial. Hoare expertly distills the trial's lasting significance and discovers that Irving remains an unrepentant defender of Hitler's innocence.

Each year, we print a long-form article produced through our Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative, whose mission is to explore deeply ingrained prejudices around the world. This year's fellow, Cameron Conaway...

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