From the editor.

Author:Wolf, Richard I.

As Spring approaches, and the time for new beginnings, the Air Force Historical Foundation finds itself with a new Web site and email addresses. We are now It's a simpler way to find the same great subject matter. The new email addresses are on page 2 (facing) and on page 61. Hope to see you and hear from you.

We have four articles this issue, starting with an article that won first place at the Air Force Academy. Adam Thomas has provided a story about the development of the modern British society in the ashes of the Battle of Britain. He links the survival of the United Kingdom in World War II with the replacement of the older, more stratified society. It was the best academic paper in the history department in 2015.

In the second of our four articles, we have A. D. Harvey providing a story of the RAF's flirtation with the P-39 Airacobra, when it was compared with the Spitfire in the early years of World War II. Of course, everyone knows the Spitfire won that contest, and the Airacobra went on to be highly regarded in the Soviet air forces. The P-39 was somewhat unique, with the engine location in the center of the aircraft, but it did not win out for the RAF.

Our third article moves to the modern era with a story by Forrest Marion about U.S. training for the Afghan Air Force. It is not often covered, since most Afghan military news...

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